• Asset Dispostion We innovate and manage solutions for the collection, reuse and recycling of used mobile phones and personal electronics that generate financial return for our clients, quality products for our customers, funding for charity organizations, and protection of the environment by avoiding landfill disposal.

  • Buy Back program Your used cell phone is yesterday's news. Turn those old cell phones You have in your drawers and closets at the office into cash. You've been resisting the latest touch screen for your field sales, conference call and email ready mobile phone? Why wait? Maximize their ability and add to your bottom line and defer some of the cost. Your old cell phones still has value. Don't hesitate did you know that every day that you wait it is just losing value you're in business to make money not let it sit on the table.

  • Recycling Program as a leading recycler and reseller of previously owned wireless devices and accessories, we enjoy long-term relationships with wireless carriers and key cellular industry representatives with a focus on dramatically reducing wireless e-waste. We also proudly partner with many organizations and charities to maximize our combined efforts in creating a better, healthier planet for future generations.

Our Mission

Capstone Wireless llc, is the recognized global leader in recapturing value in pre-owned, wireless technology for our primary clients. As an environmentally focused green company, we economically extend the life of existing technology for our end users. We establish and sustain a level of trust, integrity, and agility, while ensuring impeccable, customer care.

As an e-stewards certified company we want to ensure that we help our clients and our people feel good that they are doing something to help the environment at the same time having a work setting that will allow them to grow and succeed. We believe that every company has a responsibility to its employees, its customers and the environment.

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True Green Initiative

You can put your organization in advance compliance of all known and pending e-waste legislation. Utilize Capstones e-StewardTM recycling program.

Serialized Tracking

Your accountability is ensured by Capstone's reporting process. You'll know when every serial number was received, tested, and sanitized of data.

e-StewardTM Confidence

Raise your current sustainability efforts to the gold standard. Third-party auditing of Capstone's e-StewardTM Pledge means 60 Minutes won't be knocking on your door.