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    Our comprehensive product line includes accessories for over 1,000 different mobile devices from over 35 different major manufacturers

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    Unlocking is the processes by which the phone’s software settings are cleared so that the phone can be used on any network.

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    We are continuously looking for new sources of supply. If you want to sell used cell phones or new cell phones, talk to us

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Our Mission

Capstone Wireless llc, is the recognized global leader in recapturing value in pre-owned, wireless technology for our primary clients. As an environmentally focused green company, we economically extend the life of existing technology for our end users. We establish and sustain a level of trust, integrity, and agility, while ensuring impeccable, customer care.

As an e-stewards certified company we want to ensure that we help our clients and our people feel good that they are doing something to help the environment at the same time having a work setting that will allow them to grow and succeed. We believe that every company has a responsibility to its employees, its customers and the environment.

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