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Managed Services

  • Repair Services

    With certified repair technicians on staff qualified to work on Android, iOS and Windows devices, we are able to maximize your wireless investment by keeping devices in the field longer.

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  • Depot Services

    Mobile devices are assets that many customers take for granted. While customers often do a good job negotiating device prices with the carriers, many often face sticker shock when they have to buy a replacement device without activating a new line of service.

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  • FleetPro

    FleetPRO offers full customization for your specific business and allows for easy integration. FleetPRO provides “out of the box” solutions with user friendly drag and drop interfaces.

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  • TelePro

    With companies looking for ways to cut costs and become more competitive in today’s marketplace, Capstone delivers a TEMS tool (Telecom Expense Management) designed to achieve this success with its cutting edge daily usage monitor.  

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  • Buy Back

    Compared with just a few years ago, technology and competition today is enabling the release of newer models of smartphones and tablets at a faster rate, thus allowing companies to upgrade sooner than ever before.

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  • Online Asset Mgmt

    Capstone Wireless provides it’s customers with an online portal option, designed to put our client’s needs at the tip of their fingers.

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Our Mission

At Capstone Wireless, we understand the wireless device lifecycle from acquisition to end of life that helps our customers to maximize its Return on Investment and works to help develop a cost efficient and effective device management solution.

No matter the project size or complexity, Capstone Wireless focuses on logistics to provide a turn-key process through its automated e-commerce platform to manage our repair and depot services, advanced exchange, employee asset retention, mobile device management and telecom expense management solutions. Our approach to is to provide a “centralized solution to a decentralized problem” that allows our clients to focus on their core operational responsibilities.

HIPAA Compliant Electronic Recycling

Capstone Wireless LLC, is a recognized global leader in recapturing value in pre-owned, wireless technology for our primary clients. As an environmentally focused green company, we economically extend the life of existing technology for our end users. We establish and sustain a level of trust, integrity, and agility, while ensuring impeccable, customer care.

As an certified electronics recycling company we want to ensure that we help our clients and our people feel good that they are doing something to help the environment at the same time having a work setting that will allow them to grow and succeed. We believe that every company has a responsibility to its employees, its customers and the environment.

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